Foreclosure Auctions

Foreclosure Auctions

What are Foreclosure Auctions?

foreclosure auctionsThe auction is the stage of the foreclosure process after the pre-foreclosure phase of the property has ended. You can attend an auction (typically at the steps of the county courthouse) and bid on the home, just like any other auction. During an auction, the lender is seeking to recapture its losses by auctioning the property in a public sale to the highest bidder.

How to Use Ultra Foreclosures

Ultra Foreclosures is the ultimate destination to find property foreclosures. Our goal is to bring the most focused information about the foreclosure process and foreclosure listings available to our users. Every day, our registered members learn more about the amazing opportunities available in foreclosed homes across the country. We bring together the tools and analysis necessary for bargain home buyers to identify the best opportunities in foreclosed properties available.

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